The 10 Best HR Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

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The world of human resources is constantly evolving, especially recently. Reports show that the pandemic accelerated digital growth in the workplace by several years. As such, HR professionals are always on the hunt for new ways to stay up-to-date on latest industry trends. But as busy bees, you need resources that are practical and efficient. Enter: HR podcasts.

Podcasts are like a secret weapon for the most productive folks out there. There’s an endless supply of high-quality content, at your fingertips, for FREE. Plus, you can listen on your commute or while completing low-level tasks. As a bonus, it seems like everyone has a podcast these days. So you can invite your favorite celebrity, or in this case, HR thought leader, into your home or office for an intimate chat on relevant topics.

But, with so many options for human resources podcasts out there, how do you know where to start? That’s where we come in! We’ve rounded up the ten best HR podcasts for your listening pleasure. We know you’re busy, so we’ve included podcast length, frequency, plus the highlights of what you can expect. 

Happy listening! 🎧

1. HR Happy Hour 

Length: 30-35 minutes (occasionally longer, ~50 minutes) 

Frequency: Weekly 

Listen for: An interesting weekly podcast with two great hosts, made better due to their easy-going banter and relationship, covering all the latest HR trends via industry guests. All in all, a solid HR listen! 

Think of this as one of the OGs of human resources podcasts. HR Happy Hour has been around since 2009. Due to its success, it’s spawned a network of shows under its umbrella. Other podcasts include; HR Market Watch, Inclusion Crusade and Radical Research. We recommend starting with the original.

Hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane tackle a wide range of HR and workplace topics. Most episodes include a guest who’s in a leadership role with a well-known organization. Some episodes feature just the hosts. But they’re still enjoyable, as Steve and Trish have an excellent repartee, making them very fun and easy to listen to. (Think morning radio talk-show hosts but without any of the bubblegum topics, only HR and workplace convos). 

2. Punk Rock HR 

Length: 20-30 words

Frequency: Weekly 

Listen for: Intriguing discussions that go deeper than your regular HR conversations, including no-holds-barred questions for guests. 

We love a good alternative, edgy title (especially in the typically buttoned-up HR world). As the name would suggest, Punk Rock HR is a podcast that’s not afraid to push the envelope. You’ll note the “Explicit” notification next to a lot of episodes. 

Host Laurie Ruettimann asks provocative questions that get to the heart of HR issues. What makes Punk Rock HR stand out on our list of best HR podcasts is that deeper dive into why the workplace faces certain issues or uncomfortable topics we often avoid. (For instance, how the U.S. companies are not parent-friendly, even before the pandemic).  

3. Josh Bersin Academy

Length: ~20 minutes (with occasional longer episodes) 

Frequency: Weekly 

Listen for: Tune in for the genius that is Josh Bersin, stay for research-based insights on the current state of the workplace. 

You are likely familiar with workplace expert Josh Bersin, founder of Bersin by Deloitte, a research, analyst and consulting arm of the megacompany. He also hosts a podcast, Josh Bersin Academy.

This HR Podcast features complex topics (like SEC Human Capital rules) but also touches on general themes (such as unlocking employee experience). The value truly comes in with the inclusion of Deloitte research and reports. Josh breaks down data and results and explains what they mean in the grander scheme of HR and the workplace.   

4. All Hands with Katelin Holloway 

Length: ~40 minutes

Frequency:  Weekly (during their season) 

Listen for: High-profile HR guests from top companies you’ve definitely heard of.

All Hands is an HR podcast by people management software company, Lattice, hosted by Katelin Holloway. What makes this a unique listen is the roster of C-Level guests sharing insights on their leadership strategies. They chat about the success behind their core practices, principles and beliefs, offering key takeaways for HR professionals. 

The host Katelyn’s soothing voice also makes this one of the best HR podcasts for when you want a zen vibe. (But don’t let that calm, collected manner fool you, she’s an all-star in her own right, with previous roles at Reddit and Pixar). 

Recent A-list guests include: 

  • Shari Eaton from Peloton 
  • Warby Parker’s co-founder and co-CEO, Neil Blumenthal
  • Upwork’s Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Dr. Erin L. Thomas, and Chief People Officer, Zoë Harte (Zoë was also the co-host of our recent Open Enrollment event!) 

5. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Length: 40-50 minutes

Frequency:  Weekly

Listen for: A totally different perspective on workplace issues, with a psychologist’s view on people management. (Plus, amazing celeb guests sharing their intimate feelings).  

WorkLife has the chops of being under the TED audio collective. In other words, guaranteed good content. Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, “takes you inside the minds of fascinating people to make work not suck.” — That quick tagline from the podcast intro hits the nail on the head. 

The guests are NBA superstars, bestselling authors and celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda. But the journey they take you on is completely unexpected, like Lin-Manuel and his father breaking down his success and relating it back to finding a balance between creativity and productivity.

Honestly, this is really more than just an HR podcast – listen with your family or friends; they’re sure to enjoy it too.    

6. Business Life and Coffee 

Length: 15 – 30 minutes 

Frequency: Varies; see note below 

Listen for: Approachable conversations about the workplace with quality takeaways. (Plus a funky, catchy intro song!) 

This podcast isn’t strictly HR-focused but more so leadership-related. The host, Joey Price, is the CEO and founder of Jumpstart:HR, so he can speak from both realms of HR and management. And as you know, HR issues are leadership issues, so most topics are ultra-relevant to the HR community. Each episode includes a new guest for an easy-going conversation surrounding the topic at hand.  

Joey also recently co-hosted our Open Enrollment Opening Ceremony, offering some excellent tips for our HR community. Watch the full recording here or catch our recap

Note: The show has been on a bit of a hiatus as of late but has a huge backlog of episodes (250+) that are just as relevant as ever. 

Hear more from Joey:

7. Honest HR 

Length: 30-45 minutes

Frequency:  Monthly (in season) 

Listen for: A lively conversation with three hosts plus occasional guests, this podcast offers more of a dialogue than other one-on-one formats. Episodes also count towards professional development credits (PDCs) for SHRM certifications. 

SHRM sponsored podcast, Honest HR is a longer-format listen discussing the latest issues HR professionals face in the workplace. The three co-hosts include Gloria Sinclair Miller, Amber Clayton and Wendy Fong, all HR thought leaders. Along with occasional guests, hosts discuss important themes offering value-driven advice for listeners. For example, recent topics cover dealing with domestic violence faced by employees or actively engaging veteran applicants in your recruiting process. 

Like everything SHRM produces, this podcast is very well done, relevant and purpose-driven. Episodes also serve as professional development credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP recertification. 

8. Talent Culture #WorkTrends 

Length: 15-20 minutes

Frequency:  Weekly 

Listen for: A concentrated dose of information on well-defined HR topics. Also, keep it as a resource in your back pocket when you’re facing challenging HR situations and need quick advice.  

If you’re looking for an HR podcast and Twitter chat in one — #WorkTrends is where it’s at. Host Megan M. Biro interviews folks each week, and on Twitter, one of TalentCulture’s sponsors hosts themed chats (Wednesdays, 1:30 pm EST). 

We like this podcast because it’s a quick listen and gets right down to it with the topic and guest. Episodes are also very focused on specific, topical subjects. In addition, there’s a vast library, so #WorkTrends can be a great resource if you’re looking for guidance in a particular area, i.e., workplace conflicts, fighting employee isolation, humanizing recruiting and more. Just scroll through and find what you need!  

9. Benefits Influencer

Length: ~30 minutes

Frequency: Bi-monthly  

Listen for: Perfect for benefits brokers or agents looking for sales and strategies to uplevel their approach. 

Ned Schaut, owner of Agency Leverage, is the host of the broker-centered podcast Benefits Influencer. Ned and his guests chat about their previous experiences, parlaying that into actionable insights for their audience. While there are leadership and HR themes, this show is definitely geared towards brokers and agencies. 

10. HR Party of One 

Length: ~10 minutes

Frequency:  Weekly 

Listen for: A quick rundown on an HR topic or issue.  

HR Party of One is a YouTube series and podcast created by BerniePortal (an HR software). The target audience is HR leaders, particularly small or single-person teams, i.e., the name ‘party of one.’ 

Host Sarh Hecht shares short, bite-sized episodes (approximately 10 minutes or less) that cover a specific topic, such as: 

  • Qualifying life events 
  • HSA and HDHP limits for 2022
  • How to conduct a phone interview 
  • FAQs about PTO 

The podcast offers quick pieces of information when you want particular answers. Topics are usually relevant to the calendar, for example, open enrollment, COVID vaccination issues, etc.


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