5 Open Enrollment Memes That’ll Make You Smile

Getting your ducks in a row for open enrollment can be grueling, thankless work. That’s why we made you these open enrollment memes to cheer you up!

Mental health miscommunication

It’s no secret that the global pandemic has had a huge impact on employees’ mental health. And organizations large and small are stepping up and increasing their support; 32% of employers made new investments in mental health resources this year.

But unfortunately, employees aren’t getting the message. Even though two-thirds of employers offer an EAP, only one-third of employees know about it. And 85% of HR folks believe they advocate for their team members to seek mental health care, but one-third of employees say they don’t feel supported.

Learn how to make mental health a bigger focus this open enrollment in Why Your Mental Health Benefits Are Failing Your Employees.

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Best. Presentation. Ever.

You work so hard to prepare for your employee benefits presentation. The last thing you want is for someone to doze off in the middle of it.

Here are are our favorite tips to nail your open enrollment presentation. And while we’re at it, here’s how to snooze-proof your benefits guide, too.

The C-suite and HR are pointing fingers at each other

Healthcare costs are on the rise, and everyone agrees it’s time to face the problem head-on. But HR and the C-suite aren’t aligned on how big a priority it is to rein in healthcare spending…and when it comes to whose responsibility it is to make it happen? Everyone’s pointing fingers.

Download HR and the C-Suite Are Out of Sync on Out-of-Control Healthcare Costs to learn more.

An HSA double-take

Selling the value of an HSA is no easy task. Only 30% of employees who could be saving in an HSA actually do so, and only 4% of health savings account are investing.

But maximizing their HSA use could help employees (and your organization) thousands of dollars per year on taxes. So use open enrollment as an opportunity to communicate why HSAs are so important.

Download The Ultimate Guide to HSA Education to learn how.

Email ignorers galore

We’ve all been there: right after you send a beautifully written open enrollment email, with everything anyone could ever need to know about their benefits…an employee inevitably wants to talk it through one-on-one.

It might be a bit annoying, but there are two very good reasons why this keeps happening. Either your open enrollment emails need some improvement, or your employees just aren’t going to understand their benefits until you personalize the experience for them.

Spoiler alert: it’s probably the latter. Employees told us in a survey earlier this year that when it comes to learning about their benefits, they’d most prefer an interactive tool that gives them personalized recommendations. Benefits communication software can help.

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