Unusually helpful
benefits software.
Extraordinary results.

Powered by behavioral science and proprietary technology, ALEX helps employees make smarter, wallet-friendlier choices about their health plans, retirement, and tax-savings accounts—and employers save money on premiums, payroll taxes and more.

If that seems pretty ideal, that's because it is.

How ALEX Helps

ALEX transforms benefits from something you offer into something that delivers results for your business.

Boosts benefits engagement and understanding

ALEX’s proven formula of behavioral science, straightforward language, and well-placed humor helps your employees better understand their benefits and make smarter, more cost-effective choices.

Drives better financial outcomes

You save money on premium costs and payroll taxes when your employees make smarter benefits decisions. And because ALEX is unusually good at explaining the value of those benefits, employees make those smarter decisions a lot.

Saves your team time, money, and headaches

Your employees can get expert, personalized benefits guidance from ALEX anywhere, any time, freeing up your team to focus on other work (or take a much-needed break).

Helps attract and retain top talent

By giving your employees personalized guidance, ALEX helps your team communicate the true value of your benefits offerings, and shows your people how much you’ll invest to keep them on your team.

How the ALEX Platform Works

Used (and loved) by 1500+
companies & partners.

We built ALEX to be useful to (and affordable for) companies of every size.
Our customers include employers with as few as 13 and as many as 250,000 eligible employees,
in more than 25 major industries.


in the Fortune 500 use ALEX for their benefits decision support


in potential tax savings was delivered to employers and employees last year


total employees at companies offering ALEX


in healthcare premiums are supported by ALEX for better decisions


with less than 1,000 eligible employees


in potential plan savings was delivered to employees last year

Trusted by

Our employees are ecstatic about ALEX. Giving employees the power to make better benefits decisions is what any college or university should want for their population.
Monica Williams
Monica Williams
Director of Benefits
9,500 Eligible Employees
I think that people expect, due to the subject matter, that ALEX is going to be dry and boring. But it’s actually engaging. We’re pleasantly surprising people. That’s an important piece of it.
Shannon Swanson
Shannon Swanson
VP of Employee Services
3,300 Eligible Employees
I really appreciated how user-friendly ALEX was. It helped employees make an informed decision and figure out which new plan offerings were best for their needs.
Jacob Mangin
Jacob Mangin
Country Benefits Manager, Digital Transformation
3,100 Eligible Employees
Without ALEX, we never would have been able to double our HDHP enrollment.
Debra Gomez
Debra Gomez
Total Rewards Benefits Senior Manager
3,100 Eligible Employees
ALEX eliminated the need for my team to do a lot of administrative work and allows them to spend more quality time with employees, which is great.
Jane Standing
Jane Standing
Manager, Leave of Absence Administration
9,000 Eligible Employees
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