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COVID is creating new challenges for HR teams—ones that require inventive thinking and virtual tools to keep employees educated and engaged in their health care and benefits. Jellyvision is here to help.

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Reach employees virtually—anytime, anywhere.

ALEX is available online 24/7 and can provide personalized benefits guidance to your workforce, even when they’re forced to work from home.

Stay on track with onboarding and open enrollment

Get time back in your day by eliminating in-person orientation and open enrollment meetings—just have them talk to ALEX.

Help employees be savvy consumers of healthcare

Pandemic or not, using health care is stressful and expensive. ALEX helps employees understand their plans and squeeze the most value from their benefits.

Share free COVID resources with your team and employees

Check out our free resources to help your team prepare for Virtual Open Enrollment and find the COVID resources they need .

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Since there is no longer a need to repeat the same benefit information multiple times to various new hires, we now have an opportunity to focus on other daily tasks and projects.

T. Love
Benefits Specialist, Loyola University Chicago

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4 to 6 weeks

The number of weeks it takes to configure and launch ALEX for most customers

4 in 5

Employees gain a better understanding of their options after using ALEX


140 hours

by eliminating in-person benefits meetings

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