9,000 Employees
PPO (3), HDHP with HSA, and EPO
The Problem

The benefits orientation sessions at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) had become a time sink for the senior-level benefits team members and a bottleneck for hiring across the college. Each 2-hour session required auditorium space, multiple presenters, assistants, and support staff, and could only be done on one day of the week. The onboarding system was inflexible, impersonal, and unscalable.

The Plan

BCM brought in ALEX to give new hires a better way to onboard. ALEX can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, so he offered a more convenient and efficient way for new hires to learn about their benefits. And because ALEX personalizes the conversation to each user’s situation, he helped each new hire understand which benefits and options were right for them.

The Outcome

99% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s explanation of their medical benefits to be helpful. And because ALEX eliminated the need for the elaborate benefits orientation sessions, the members of the benefits team could focus their time and energy on other critical onboarding activities. ALEX provided BCM with a flexible, scalable, and personal path to onboarding 50-100 new hires each week—or more.

Thanks to ALEX, we no longer have to have two-hour benefits orientation presentations. ALEX lets us provide new hires with benefit information before their start dates so they have time to make educated benefit decisions. ALEX represents BCM benefits well and is very convenient for the employee.”

Robin Vickers Benefits Manager, Baylor College of Medicine

“This voice actor is really making this more enjoyable than other online modules I’ve used.”

Employee, Baylor College of Medicine
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