alex central blogSimply buying a New Cool Benefits Tool for your employees doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to use it. (But you knew that already.)

The sometimes-frustrating truth is: if want your employees to engage with–and use–the new benefits resources you poured real dollars into, you’re going to need to channel your inner Don Draper/Ron Popeil and sell it a little. Or a lot. And for most HR folks, doing that can be a reeeeal drag.

That’s exactly why, here at ALEX, we’ve spent the past two years creating and improving an internal ALEX marketing resources hub we call ALEX Central.

On this password-protected mini-site we provide customers just about everything they could possibly need to make getting the word out about ALEX as painless (and dare we say, fun) and effective as possible–everything from email templates to how-to-give-a-great-PowerPoint-presentation guides, to files for printing out a 5-foot-tall ALEX standee for their benefits fair.

Anyway, we always love it when other companies give a peek behind their curtain, so we thought we’d do that too. Got questions about how ALEX Central works? Give us a shout! Have you run across other internal-marketing resources that come with a product you thought were pretty cool? Let us know–we’re always looking for new ideas!

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