Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You and your team have all these fantastic ideas for new employee engagement initiatives… but when it comes time to make your case to the folks holding the purse strings, you find yourself a little short on cold hard data.

Yeah? Been there? Well, never fear.

Over on his blog, friend of ALEX, Kevin Sheridan, an employee engagement consultant with 30 years experience, has laid out some powerful stats you should stuff in your back pocket for exactly this situation.

Here are four of the very best:

Engaged employees are almost 20 times more likely (not a typo) to say their job brings out their best creativity than disengaged employees. (Actual numbers: 59% vs. 3%)

The most engaged organizations (defined as the top 10%) see these amazing outcomes, as compared with companies with average levels of employee engagement:

  • 44% higher retention rate
  • 125% less burnout/job stress
  • 350% more profitability (!)

Want more juicy stats–and all the relevant citations? Check out Kevin’s full blog post here. (To read the whole thing, you’ll need to provide your name and email.)

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