The world of benefits is hard; with long-held stigmas and relatively new science, mental health benefits are even harder. At this period in time when mental health is top-of-mind, we set out to learn how HR leaders are supporting employee emotional well-being. 

We surveyed hundreds of HR leaders and their employees, and found that organizations are investing (a lot!) in the mental health of their teams. But the investments are going unused. Mental health benefits that go underutilized cost companies countless sums every year. And even more significantly, employees aren’t accessing the resources they need to be their best.

Watch to learn: 

  • What 300+ employees say is missing when it comes to mental health support
  • Why HR’s well-intentioned efforts aren’t getting employees the help they need—and how to improve
  • Specific strategies to meet the increased demand for mental health care among employees

Meet the speakers

Jake Glover

Senior Channel Sales Manager, Jellyvision

Kellie Nau

Senior Channel Sales Manager, Jellyvision

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