Amanda Lannert CEO

Likes cheese, dangerous sports and the color blue. She hails from Virginia, attended Haverford College in Pennsylvania and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, none of which explains why she sounds like she was born and raised in the Midwest. Or why she named her cat Dog. Amanda climbed Mts. Rainier, Salcantay, and Kilimanjaro and now is the C.E.O. of The Jellyvision Lab, also without benefit of oxygen.

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

I joined in 2000, when the company was primarily focused on interactive games. I was (and am) a huge fan of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK. I love the wit and cleverness of the game, which is very much a result of the insanely smart and talented people working on it. The Jellyvision Lab is not really a “technology” company, but rather a communications company at the forefront of technology, and our creative staff is world class. And hilarious.

Amanda’s Wordy Bio

Amanda Lannert is the Chief Executive Officer of The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. and has been a key figure in driving the company’s direction since its founding in 2001. Her focus at The Jellyvision Lab is on furthering the company’s digital strategy, improving processes to better scale operations, and customer acquisition to continue fueling the company’s growth.

Under Amanda’s leadership, Jellyvision has doubled its revenue three out of the last four years and has grown to serve hundreds of mostly Fortune 1000 clients with interactive communication solutions for desktop, mobile, and emerging platforms via the company’s digital agency work and ALEX, the Jellyvision Benefits Counselor (

Prior to joining The Jellyvision Lab, Amanda managed global brands for Kellogg’s while at Leo Burnett, where she developed strategies and implemented campaigns for Pop-Tarts and Nutri-Grain bars, in addition to spending two years in a new business and new brand development think tank.

Amanda was recently named CEO of the Year at the Moxie Awards and has been profiled in the Chicago Tribune. She is also active in Chicago’s startup community, serving on the advisory boards of 1871 and The Starter League, where she also teaches, as well as mentoring at TechStars, where she was named 2013 Mentor of the Year, and Healthbox Industries. Mrs. Lannert also enjoys a good cupcake.

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