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🤔 Factoring in how many employees take ALEX’s recommendations on average…

⛔ Eliminating employees who would choose the wrong plan without ALEX…

🧮 Calculating your final savings potential…

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Bingo! Your organization could save up to $100 per year with ALEX. 🎉

Here’s what you told us: 

Your organization has 50 employees,
and about 50 of them are likely to use ALEX.

With ALEX:


employees would accept ALEX’s benefits recommendations, resulting in healthier outcomes and saved dollars for both of you. 

Without ALEX:


employees would choose the wrong plan, leading to thousands of wasted dollars—for them and for you.

Ready to learn more about how ALEX can help you save big this year by revolutionizing your organization’s benefits strategy?

How exactly does ALEX save your organization time and money?

Bye bye, inflated premiums

Driving employees towards their best-fit healthcare plans means lower premiums and claims costs—for you, and for them.

See ya, high payroll taxes

By educating employees on the value of benefits like HDHPs and retirement plans, your organization saves on payroll taxes.

Later, productivity losses

ALEX effectively highlights your mental health resources and voluntary benefits, protecting your employees’ holistic health and improving engagement at work.

So long, wasted hours

ALEX is a trusted advisor that employees can talk to 24/7/365, wherever and whenever they need benefits advice. Go ahead, tell your HR team they can actually sign off at 5:00PM for the rest of the year.

Hey there, preventative care

ALEX keeps your employees engaged with their benefits throughout the year, encouraging them to seek preventative care that reduces expensive claims down the road.

Hello, smarter plan design

ALEX’s analytics dashboard offers simple, real-time reporting so that you can monitor the success of your benefits programs and evolve your plan design to prioritize only the highest-performing resources—and get rid of the rest.

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