Your Open Enrollment Secret Ingredient: How to Mix ALEX into Your Communication Strategy

Join us for a live webinar on August 6, 2024 at 1PM CT.

Building a successful open enrollment communication strategy is just like baking a cake: there are so many layers of information to share with employees and so many different flavors of messaging you can use to get the word out. 

But with all of the challenges you’re facing this year—like rising healthcare costs, limited resources, and an evolving range of employee needs—perfecting your open enrollment recipe is easier said than done. That’s why we’re here to help you make sense of all of the tools at your fingertips, and share a secret ingredient that will help you tie your whole communication strategy together: ALEX. 

Join us for a webinar on August 6 to learn: 

  • How the open enrollment recipe is changing this year, and what employees need most from you
  • Which communication ingredients you need, and how ALEX can lighten the load for your team
  • How to set your timer for this open enrollment, with a full timeline of to-dos

Meet the Speakers

JZ Plaga

Senior Manager, Account Management, Jellyvision

Lauren Mimms-Bockmier

Manager, Account Management, Jellyvision

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