Preparing for the Great Onboarding: How ALEX Helps You Attract and Retain Talent

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Has there ever been a more chaotic job market? Resignation numbers are breaking records as employees reassess their career goals, change course, and expect more from their employers. This revolving door of talent means you’re stretched thin, trying to fill positions while engaging existing employees.

But there’s an important element that you can’t lose sight of: the employee onboarding experience. First impressions matter, and onboarding is a crucial way to build trust, communicate corporate culture, and make sure new hires understand and value the benefits offered to them.

Our benefits engagement platform, ALEX, offers clear, simple, compelling guidance during onboarding that creates meaningful awareness and understanding around your benefits.  An engaging onboarding results in employees making smarter benefits decisions and regularly interacting with those benefits. This crucial experience during onboarding is part of the total equation when it comes to reducing employee churn.

Watch the demo to learn:

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