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Navigate the open enrollment wilderness.

Thanks to all the happy campers who joined us for Engage this year!

This May, we kicked off the in-tents open enrollment season with our community of HR and benefits professionals.

Led by industry experts and HR leaders, Camp Engage was an opportunity to connect with peers, gain insights on the shifting landscape of the workforce, and gain better HR survival skills to support your people during open enrollment.

While Camp Engage has passed, the skills and friends you made remain! Check out the full recordings to relive each session (or see what you missed).

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Attention Campers!

Get ready to learn, grow, and have some fun in the (metaphorical) sun at Camp Engage.

This half-day, on-demand, virtual event offers tons of activities to choose your own adventure. And we’re not just pitching tents; we’re pitching in to ensure you have a successful open enrollment season.

Join fellow campers, experts in HR and benefits consulting to:

  • Learn how to promote benefits to create that cared-for, warm and fuzzy feeling
  • Gain a merit badge in creative open enrollment messaging
  • Support employees during every milestone and stage of life

Top 3 Reasons to Watch:

1 Hear real-life benefits campfire stories from your peers

2 Leverage the data in our 2023 HR Priorities Report

3 Gain tactical strategies to level up your open enrollment communication

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Meet the Speakers

WemaHoover 1

Weema Hoover

Former Global Head, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Google


Pat Wadors

Chief People Officer, UKG

Maddison Grigsby

Director, Benefits & Rewards Communication, Gallagher


Shelley Colón

SVP, People + Culture Business Partners & Talent Acquisition, SiriusXM

Brian Dickens

CHRO, University of Tennessee

Anne Burkett

National Practice Leader, Workforce Solutions, USI Insurance Services

Christine Pabst

Director, Employee Benefits, American Electric Power

KatieRichards 1

Katie Richards

Senior Benefits Analyst, Corewell Health

Erich Kurschat

HR Consultant & Founder, Harmony Insights LLC


Matthew Petitt

Manager Of Benefits, Wawa, Inc.

JoshHansen 1

Josh Hansen

Total Compensation & Training Manager, City Of Bloomington

Kristen Weeks

SVP, Strategy, Corporate Development, & Partnerships, Accolade

Engage Fire

Summer Camp Schedule

Session 1Opening Keynote: Focusing on the Moments that Matter in the Employee Journey

Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer, UKG

Let’s kick off the day with an empowering keynote led by Pat Waders, CPO of UKG. Pat is an inspirational thought leader on every aspect of HR and HCM, including talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention, authentic leadership, and fostering employee engagement to drive the bottom line.

Brian Dickens, CHRO, University of Tennessee

Shelley Colón, SVP, People + Culture Business Partners & Talent Acquisition, SiriusXM

Erich Kurschat, HR Consultant & Founder, Harmony Insights LLC

Moderated by Amanda Lannert, CEO, Jellyvision

Belay on! Join HR and benefits leaders as we climb to new heights and navigate the twists and turns of 2023. Your ropes instructors (a.k.a. panelists) will discuss priorities, roadblocks, and people management strategies…Race ya to the zipline!

Maddison Grigsby, Director, Benefits and Rewards Communication, Gallagher

Grab your (metaphorical) bow and arrow. Our targets? Inclusive communication, emotional intelligence, and HR “marketing” best practices. Effective benefits communication requires a steady hand and sharp focus. But don’t worry, our expert instructor will have you crafting messages that hit the mark and resonate with your audience in no time.

Katie Richards, Senior Benefits Analyst, Corewell Health

Matthew Pettit, Manager of Benefits, Wawa, Inc.

Get ready to unleash your inner artist. We’re hosting three micro-presentations sharing unique, tried-and-tested open enrollment tactics. Because just like making arts and crafts, promoting open enrollment takes creativity and imagination to truly shine. Presenters will paint the full picture! No smocks required; we’ll supply the glue guns and glitter.

Josh Hansen, Total Compensation & Training Manager, City of Bloomington

Anne Burkett, National Practice Leader, Workforce Solutions, USI Insurance Services

Christine Pabst, Director, Employee Benefits, American Electric Power

Moderated by Alex Muehl, SVP of Customer Operations, Jellyvision

How can you ensure everyone in your organization, from new fresh-faced recruits to wise retirees, has a positive and inclusive experience with their benefits? It ain’t always a walk in the woods! In this session, we’ll explore how to create a multigenerational benefits program that inspires and engages employees at every stage of life.

Kristen Weeks, SVP, Strategy, Corporate Development & Partnerships, Accolade

Dana Hamerschlag, COO, Jellyvision

Moderated by Sam Kina, SVP, Data Science, Jellyvision

AI may be taking over the world, but our employees are still looking for human connections at work—especially when it comes to navigating those tricky benefits questions. In this session, we’ll show you how to design a colorful employee experience tapestry that leverages the power of technology while strengthening real-life relationships—without letting the colors run.

Wema Hoover, Former Global Head, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Google

Before we close out our day at camp, don’t miss this inspirational keynote with Wema Hoover, a culture and DEI expert who has dedicated her career to serving as a catalyst for change and as a transformational leader.

The on-demand recordings are live!

You can now relive each session of Camp Engage or catch up on what you missed! Fill out the below form to gain access to the full replay.

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