To drive awareness of benefits changes, NCH used ALEX’s Sneak Peek videos

the benefits team saw 200 fewer phone calls during open enrollment
of surveyed employees said they understood their benefits better

The Problem

With the new year come new benefits offerings, and NCH Corporation needed a way to get essential updates across to its workforce.

However, NCH faced two big challenges. The first: Half of its employees were outside sales associates who were notoriously hard to reach. The second: Spouses and partners were making the major benefits decisions for a huge portion of their employees. On-site sessions couldn’t reach those spouses and partners, and the old print and email communication channels weren’t up to the task.

NCH needed a way to drive awareness of updated benefits information and make it more accessible to employees and their partners around-the-clock.

The Plan

NCH brought in ALEX and took advantage of the Benefits Sneak Peek videos (which are part of every ALEX package) to engage those hard-to-reach employees, spouses, and partners. The Benefits Sneak Peek video could deliver key benefits announcements in a bite-sized serving, while promoting ALEX as the go-to benefits resource for employees—and their significant others.

"ALEX uses clear language, and it’s easy to access. Our employees’ spouses could just click the link and log on without having to worry about usernames and passwords.”
Heather Stewart
Director of Benefits and Compensation, NCH Corporation

The Outcome

The Benefits Sneak Peek video received a ton of attention and drove a huge surge in ALEX usage: 2,853 visits across 2,650 employees. Because both the Sneak Peek video and ALEX’s Benefits Counselor were available to answer questions 24/7, ALEX eliminated the barriers that had kept some employees (and their spouses and partners) from learning about their benefits.

Meanwhile, ALEX’s engaging, conversational approach and choice bits of humor helped NCH build awareness and trust around its benefits. As a result, the benefits team saw 200 fewer phone calls during open enrollment, and 86% of those surveyed said they understood their benefits better after using ALEX.

"Absolutely fantastic! So helpful—thank you so much for providing ALEX!”
Employee, NCH Corporation

About NCH

NCH Corporation is a global leader in industrial, commercial, and institutional maintenance products and services.


Manufacturing & Industrial Supplies


2,650 Benefits-eligible Employees

Plan Types

EPOs (4), and HDHP with HSA

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