How Comcast got a 30% increase in FSA participation

of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance module to be helpful.
increase in FSA participation

The Problem

Comcast wasn’t getting the benefits engagement it needed from its workforce.

It wasn’t that Comcast wasn’t offering great benefits; employees just weren’t really getting them. People don’t understand voluntary benefit programs such as FSAs very well, so those programs suffered from low participation rates.

To a company that specializes in communication, it was clear there was a breakdown that was leaving employees confused about their options.

“One of the biggest things our employees were asking for was some type of tool to help them decide what benefits to choose,” said Melissa Dulin, Benefits Project Specialist, Comcast Corporation. “We’ve always been asked questions like, ‘Which plan should I choose?’ or, ‘What is going to fit best for my family?’”

The Plan

Comcast needed a way to keep employees engaged as they learned about their benefits options. Only then would they see an uptick in engagement and savings.

The company turned to ALEX to present benefits information in a clear, informative way that would help build trust and understanding around its benefits and empower employees to make good decisions. ALEX would accomplish this with an engaging, conversational approach and choice bits of humor.

"Yes, ALEX was a valuable tool for our employees. Yes, it helped us increase FSA participation by 30%. But what most surprised me was how much our people actually enjoyed using it. It’s both helpful and genuinely fun. You can’t say that about any other benefits tool I’m aware of.”
Melissa Dulin
Benefits Project Specialist, Comcast Corporation

The Outcome

Comcast saw benefits engagement go through the roof. More than half of the company’s 90,000 employees used ALEX during the first year, and 98% of those surveyed found ALEX to be helpful. Employees even found ALEX entertaining.

“What most surprised me was how much our people actually enjoyed using it,” Dulin said.

Comcast also saw increased participation in its voluntary benefits programs. The company attributes a 30% increase in FSA participation to ALEX’s influence. That’s a lot of savings across Comcast’s broad workforce—savings that help the company’s bottom line.

"This was awesome. I had no idea how FSAs worked. I’d never enrolled before, but after this, I am considering enrolling in the FSA.”
Comcast Corporation

About Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation is a global media and technology company that provides video, high-speed internet, and phone services to residential customers and businesses.




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