Jellyvision Gets $20 Million in Funding, Doesn’t Plan to Get All Weird About It

We’re super excited to announce that Jellyvision (the company behind the ALEX employee communication software platform, and this here ALEX blog) recently raised $20 million from Updata Partners, a leading technology growth equity firm.

Don’t believe the rumors about this money going towards a purple Hummer limo for founder Harry Gottlieb. Or a lifetime supply of LaCroix for every Jellyvision employee. Or the development of ALEX on How to Dance Like Your Dad. Nope: more responsibly, this funding will reward long-time employees and investors for their commitment and hard work.

“Jellyvision is a 100-year-old tech company, give or take 85 years, and we are often recognized for our culture and insanely great people,” said Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision. “But our people also make insanely great software that’s been selling like gangbusters for years. Funding from a top SaaS-focused growth equity firm like Updata validates our strengths as an innovative and fast-growing employee communication SaaS company. We are excited to partner with them and are looking forward to having serious fun with them, too.”

The fun means having a new partner for growth in the SaaS world.

“Pivoting from consumer games to B2B SaaS would be hard enough, but to do so without burning a bunch of capital is incredible,” said Carter Griffin, General Partner at Updata. “Our investment is an endorsement that the company’s three-phase evolution from in-your-face trivia games to interactive digital agency to SaaS vendor is complete. And beyond technology, Jellyvision’s unique and special culture is something we view as a competitive advantage.”

Read the full press release here!

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