Financial Services
1,500 US-based benefit- eligible employees
The Problem

Morningstar’s benefits team knew that they were dealing with a smart, technologically savvy, and skeptical workforce. They knew that employees wouldn’t have the time to take part in hour-long benefits presentations, nor the patience to watch videos or read pamphlets that weren’t tailored to their own personal situations.

The Plan

The benefits team figured that rather than hour-long presentations, employees only needed about ten minutes’ worth of benefits guidance. So they called on ALEX to give their well-educated employees engaging information about their benefits and personalized recommendations on their best-fit plans.

The Outcome

100% of surveyed Morningstar employees found ALEX’s medical plan explanations to be helpful, and 96% of them found the whole medical insurance module helpful.

“Although a company culture may not be funny, it can still have funny people and people who will appreciate a light moment in a complex topic.”

Paul Reiman Head of Total Rewards, Morningstar

“ALEX recommended the medical plan I was already enrolled in—so we’re both smart.”

Employee, Morningstar

“Workforces are diverse. You have to appeal to people in different ways. For those who prefer a very straightforward thing, you’ll always have your summary plan description; it’s required. For employees who aren’t going to spend a lot of time reading, a more casual approach can be really appreciated.”

Paul Reiman Head of Total Rewards, Morningstar
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