The Problem

The Ferguson benefits team was replacing a popular PPO plan with a consumer-driven health plan (with an HSA). So far, so good—this would help the distribution company save on its healthcare costs.

But getting the message across was another story. With 23,000 associates spread across 1,400 locations, Ferguson needed a way to provide a consistent explanation of the change to all of its employees.

The Plan

To hit its enrollment goals around a new consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) with HSA, Ferguson planned to increase engagement with a clear, consistent message that could reach every employee.

It would achieve this through ALEX, who could explain the new CDHP plan in the same way to all employees regardless of location. ALEX could demonstrate the plan’s value by first engaging users in conversation and then offering cost comparisons based on each individual’s medical needs.

Ferguson also worked with Jellyvision to craft a promotional campaign involving email, postcards, live demos, and a video featuring the Ferguson CEO to really drive awareness home.

About Ferguson
Ferguson is a leading distributor of plumbing supplies, HVAC products, and building supplies to professional contractors and homeowners.
Wholesale Distribution
23,000 Benefits-eligible Associates in 1,400 locations
Plan types:
PPO (2) and CDHP with HSA

I honestly don’t believe we would have had the migration that we had into our CDHP without ALEX. There just would not have been a way to effectively communicate the numbers behind why this plan might be beneficial without ALEX’s help.”

Beth Tellier Benefits Analyst, Ferguson

The Outcome

Ferguson knocked it out of the park. After Ferguson reached out to its 23,000 employees via its promotional campaign, ALEX received 17,644 total visits—and during those visits the CDHP plan was recommended as the lowest cost option 77% of the time.

As a result of careful planning and execution—and by employing ALEX’s engaging, conversational approach—the Ferguson benefits team was able to more than double its initial migration goal. That’s good news for Ferguson’s bottom line, as employees lined up to pick the more cost-effective option.