3,100 Benefits-eligible Employees
PPO (2) and HDHP with HSA (2)
The Problem

The Extra Space Storage benefits team wanted to convince its very hard-to-reach workforce (3,100 employees in more than 1,400 locations) to take up one of its HDHP options. They couldn’t get everybody in a room for a meeting, nor could they rely on email, since most of their employees don’t use it.

The Plan

Extra Space Storage relied on ALEX to present a consistent and engaging benefits message to everyone in the company. On top of that, their benefits team used every communication tool available—from emails and newsletters to webinars and in-person discussions with regional managers—to make sure every employee knew about the tool.

The Outcome

HDHP enrollments increased from 30% to 65%, and employees loved using ALEX (8,197 visits for 3,100 employees).

“Before ALEX, our employees approached open enrollment passively. They weren’t taking the time to really educate themselves on the plan design. They just said, ‘Well, this is what I’ve always done, so I’ll just keep doing this…. Without ALEX, we never would have been able to double our HDHP enrollment. ALEX was the voice of our open enrollment, and opened everybody’s eyes to what open enrollment is.’”

Debra Gomez Total Rewards Benefits Senior Manager

“ALEX makes what could be a difficult time in selecting insurance so much easier. Thank you, ALEX.”

Employee; Extra Space Storage
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