90,000 employees
The Problem

Comcast’s workforce was facing increasingly complex benefits choices. On top of that, the helpful (but confusing) voluntary benefit programs they offered –like FSAs– suffered from low participation rates. It was clear to Comcast that employee confusion was one of the biggest barriers to smart decision-making.

The Plan

Comcast turned to ALEX to present benefits information in a clear, engaging way that would empower employees to make good decisions.

The Outcome

More than half of Comcast’s 90,000 employees used ALEX during the first year, and 98% of those surveyed found ALEX to be helpful. Comcast also attributes a 30% increase in FSA participation to ALEX’s influence.

“One of the biggest things our employees were asking for was some type of tool to help them decide what benefits to choose. We’ve always been asked questions like, ‘Which plan should I choose?’ or, ‘What is going to fit best for my family?’”

Melissa Dulin Benefits Project Specialist, Comcast Corporation

“Yes, ALEX was a valuable tool for our employees. Yes, it helped us increase FSA participation by 30%. But what most surprised me was how much our people actually enjoyed using it. It’s both helpful and genuinely fun. You can’t say that about any other benefits tool I’m aware of.”Benefits Project Specialist, Comcast Corporation

Melissa Dulin Benefits Project Specialist, Comcast Corporation

“This was awesome. I had no idea how FSAs worked. Never enrolled before, but after this I am considering enrolling in the FSA.”

Employee, Comcast Corporation
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