Financial services
800 benefit-eligible employees
2 PPOs, 1 HMO, added an accident insurance benefit in 2019
The Problem

In late 2020, USI needed to help a financial services client increase awareness about their plan offerings during a passive open enrollment. Without changes to their major medical plans, they looked to USI for help in driving awareness and enrollment in the new accident insurance offering from Sun Life that USI helped put in place.

The challenge? According to Kate Copp from USI, “We had about 30 seconds at the end of benefits presentations to cover the accident plan.”

In a typical benefits meeting, there wasn’t enough time to squeeze in voluntary benefits information. And it was difficult to communicate the value of accident insurance without offering employees examples of how they might personally benefit.

The Plan

As a Jellyvision partner, USI knew ALEX could help solve their challenge. They implemented ALEX Essentials in minutes with the broker-friendly configuration tool ALEX Builder. Their client was fully configured for their major medical, retirement, and Sun Life accident insurance offerings. Their client was thrilled to eliminate the need for lengthy benefits meetings, while clearly communicating the value of voluntary benefits.

USI introduced ALEX during their onsite benefits meetings and included mentions of ALEX in printed materials. The company also put ALEX front and center on the first screen of the actual open enrollment process so that employees could review their personal selections one more time before choosing their benefits.

The Outcome

Not only did 67% of the client’s workforce talk to ALEX, but by increasing employee understanding around voluntary benefits, USI met their goal of 10% enrollment in the newly introduced accident plan during a passive open enrollment—which made them a hero to the benefits team. Open enrollment went so well that Sun Life covered the cost of ALEX, and USI hopes to add two more Sun Life lines of business next year, helping USI deliver on their clients’ benefits goals.

It’s not always easy to convey the importance of every single benefit. In a long meeting, it can all go in one ear and out the other. ALEX is so helpful in reinforcing those messages after the meeting.

Kate Copp Employee Benefits Operations Manager, USI

Even at our open enrollment presentations, we usually don’t take personal questions because we don’t want to answer them in front of 100 people. So, the fact that ALEX lets you go through each step and put in your own information is very useful.

Lisa Cassidy-Rodriguez Benefits Specialist, Brookline Bancorp

Implementing any kind of benefits admin system is usually a long and drawn out process. So, to know that we could have ALEX up and running in as little as a few days was a game changer. It was so easy to set up.

Kate Copp Employee Benefits Operations Manager, USI
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