Jellyvision helps employee benefits consultants like you succeed.

Partner with Jellyvision to reinvent how employees choose and use benefits. Our signature product, ALEX, provides employees with helpful benefits guidance and puts a spotlight on the unique solutions you work hard to provide for your clients.

What to expect when partnering with Jellyvision

  • A dedicated point-of-contact to guide business strategy and case identification.
  • Streamlined contracting with your firm meaning less paperwork for you. Preferred pricing on all ALEX packages to give you a leg up against the competition.
  • A seasoned implementation and renewal team with experience supporting thousands of groups for a smooth roll-out for your clients each year.
  • Access to ALEX Builder, an easy-to-use, self-serve solution to implement ALEX Essentials on your own timeline and at your own pace.

There’s a better way to grow your business and support your clients.

ALEX is the first and only benefits engagement platform trusted by brokers.

The only time-tested benefits engagement platform backed by behavioral science.

With over a decade of benefits engagement expertise, ALEX leans on tried and true behavioral science principles that drive employees towards smarter benefits decisions.

Benefits Counselor

Personalized one-on-one enrollment support available virtually 24/7

Your clients save


per employee when they enroll in the right benefits for their needs

Ongoing Engagement

Drive benefits engagement in the moments that matter—no matter where or how employees work

9 million +

employees trust ALEX to make benefits and savings choices


Promote cost reduction and smart savings choices with a suite of consumer-directed health accounts

Employees save

19% more

in their HSAs after using ALEX

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Partner with Jellyvision
and see measurable results.

How one consultant used ALEX to solve a client’s international benefits communication issue and win their business

How a producer’s client surpassed their HDHP adoption goals with ALEX

How one consultant covered the cost of ALEX while delivering unparalleled benefits engagement for her client

“ALEX is great because it hits on the things that are important to our clients—taking the burden and time commitment off of HR’s plate by answering benefits questions. And employees appreciate the tools and resources that are put in place that support them. So, it really is a win on both sides.”


You win when your clients win.