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Are you looking for ways to help employees engage with your program or tool at the right time? ALEX, Jellyvision’s interactive benefits software, can help. Powered by behavioral science, the technology drives employee engagement at enrollment and decision-making moments, locking in enrollments for your program.

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How ALEX guides the right employees to the right program

Identify the Right Employees

We know our users. Based on existing health and benefits touchpoints, ALEX identifies the best-fit employees for your program and serves them your program benefits.

Drive Immediate Engagement

If you’re waiting for claims data to begin employee outreach, you’re already too late. ALEX drives engagement with your program when it matters most—at enrollment and decision-making moments.

Power Enrollment Funnels

Stop worrying about enrollment metrics. The behavioral science that powers ALEX has been proven to change behavior and drive action, locking in strong enrollment rates for your program.

Drive ROI for Your Customers

Customers cancel contracts if their employees don’t participate. Rely on ALEX to drive the employee engagement rates you need to retain happy customers.

Benefits of becoming an ALEX Integration Partner

Meet Employees at Critical Moments

ALEX will deliver targeted messaging, based in behavioral science, at the most impactful moments.

Increase Your Reach

Co-marketing opportunities enable interaction with nearly 1,500 employers that trust ALEX.

Simplify Reporting

ALEX’s engagement analytics dashboards enable detailed tracking and provide key data.

Become an Integration Partner

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