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A Fresh Take on Benefits Engagement | January 20, 2022 | Virtual

Thanks to all who joined us for Engage 2022!

This January, hundreds of benefits professionals gathered for Engage 2022: a virtual event to re-energize and reinvigorate our benefits strategies for the year ahead. Led by industry experts and HR leaders, Engage was an opportunity to connect with peers, gain support in an especially challenging time, and breathe in fresh insights to better support employees in 2022. 

And while this year’s event may be over, the learning doesn’t stop there! Check out the full recordings to relive Engage (or see what you missed).

It’s time for better benefits engagement.

You better put some pep in your step because this new workforce demands flexibility, remote work, and benefits that go beyond the office. But traditional approaches to benefits will fail to get your people what they need, when they need it. It’s time for something better and 2022 is the year to make it happen. Hear from experts in HR and benefits consulting to learn:

  • How to drive employee benefits engagement from a new perspective—a perspective that finally works
  • Innovative engagement tactics real HR leaders have implemented to improve both workforce happiness and the company’s bottom line
  • What you need to prepare for the benefits package of the future—accounting for virtual solutions, a focus on mental well-being and the critical nature of equity and inclusion in healthcare

Meet the Speakers

Lauren-Trost headshot

Lauren Trost

National Employee Health & Benefits Program Manager, Marsh & McLennan Agency

Ed Ligonde Headshot

Ed Ligonde

EVP, Nielsen Benefits Group, 2021 Benefits Pro Broker of the Year

Jen-Bergman headshot

Jen Bergman

Global Benefits & Well-Being Program Manager, Zendesk


Natalie Johnson

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Paradigm

Heather Dalmasso

Heather Dalmasso

Director, Consultants & Alliances, Calm

John Hosea

John Hosea

VP, HR, Benefits & Operations,Health Care Service Corporation

Julie Turney 1

Julie Turney

Founder, HR@Heart Consulting

Sarah Erzinger

Director of Benefits, Global Total Rewards, McDonald’s

Kristi Morrissey headshot

Kristi Morrissey

Senior Manager, Benefits & Wellness, Niagara Bottling


Session 1A Fresh Take on Benefits Engagement: How to Finally Get it Right

Sarah Erzinger, Director of Benefits, Global Total Rewards, McDonald’s

John Hosea VP of HR, Benefits and Operations, Health Care Services Corporation

Ed Ligonde EVP, Nielsen Benefits Group and 2021 Broker of the Year

Amanda Lannert CEO, Jellyvision

Creating a benefits-engaged workforce is the key to healthy, happy employees and controlled healthcare costs. But when one-third of employees admit they’ve never acted because of a benefits communication, how do we help them engage with and use their benefits? Join this session with a few of the top minds in benefits for a discussion on what’s holding us back, and how we can finally move forward.

Julie Turney, Founder, HR@Heart Consulting

Are you feeling burned out? We don’t blame you. You’ve been working tirelessly to offer more resources, help navigate complicated healthcare decisions, and more. But we have to ask the question: who’s taking care of the caretakers? So let’s talk about tips for keeping your HR team engaged and happy amidst the seismic shifts we’re going through right now.

Jen Bergman, Global Benefits and Well-Being Manager, Zendesk

Kristi Morrissey, Senior Manager, Benefits and Wellness, Niagara Bottling

Lauren Trost, National Employee Health and Benefits Program Manager, Marsh & McLennan Agency

Three seasoned HR leaders, three new ideas to drive employee benefits engagement. You won’t want to miss this triple whammy of a session.

Heather Dalmasso, Director, Advisor Partnerships, Calm

Benefits leaders like you recognize the importance of employee mental health. But many are still in the first phases of efforts to support employees. How do we go beyond “checking the box” to provide meaningful support? An expert from a top mental wellness company shares tactics to help your employees be their best.

Networking, but better and not awkward. We’ll open breakout rooms based on industry, and connect you with peers to chat, solve problems, and maybe tell an HR joke or two.

Natalie Johnson, Co-founder and Managing Director, Paradigm

DEI is at the forefront of our minds, but how do we align DEI and benefits engagement strategies? Listen in on this session to learn why your benefits are critical to your DEI efforts, how to ensure your benefits strategy is inclusive, and how to think about DEI as a benefit in and of itself.

Watch the full Engage 2022 recordings!

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