12 Digital Innovators Who Are Crafting, Coding and Advancing a More Interesting World

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Things had been going so well, until the bottom fell out. With little more than a fine arts degree and some design chops, Allard Laban had scored a job with screensaver company Berkeley Systems (“the flying toaster people”), somehow parlayed it into a gig at Disney and then left to rejoin former colleagues who had created a CD-ROM gaming sensation with You Don’t Know Jack.


Who’s Got Next?

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In 2001, as sales of the once-hot CD-ROM party game You Don’t Know Jack were dropping off in the face of a new generation of digital games, Jellyvision was so broke that then-president Amanda Lannert had to lay herself off.


Career kickoff: How 5 Chicago tech companies support recent grads

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In speaking with local tech founders about why they choose to build their companies in Chicago, the quality of the city’s young tech talent comes up practically every time. But those quality employees don’t just show up from nowhere. To learn more about how the ecosystem’s next leaders are developed, we set out to learn what tech companies look for in recent college graduates — and how they support those employees as they grow in their careers.


8 entrepreneurs who scaled and lived to tell the tale

May 1, 2017

The growth story: Amanda Lannert’s first move as Jellyvision CEO in 2007 was to scale down the company from 70 employees to 12. Her goal was to refocus on a virtual-assistant product that helped employees at such companies as Comcast and FedEx navigate their health insurance options. As that product, called ALEX, took off, Lannert, 44, went the other way, rebuilding Jellyvision’s team to a current headcount of 350 at its offices off the Clybourn Corridor.


Customer Success pros should be experts first; remarkable likeability comes second

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Through a self-described “wacky, weird path” to customer success, Helen Calvin has become an absolute leader in the profession. Currently the SVP of Customer Success at Jellyvision, she has used her unique background to create a non-traditional approach to hiring, building and scaling her team. In this 30-minute Synap podcast episode, she describes her process for building an effective CS team.


The Opening Bell 4/10/17: HR Management Solutions & Emotional Investing

April 10, 2017

Jellyvision is a Chicago company that has tried it’s hand at many different things – first it was video games, now its HR management solutions. Steve and Amanda Lannert (CEO of Jellyvision)  sat down to talk about the success that has resulted from the shift, and the huge 20 million dollar round of funding that came this past month.