Keith Vallera explains why predictive analytics is the key to better benefits guidance.

No, the robots aren’t coming for our jobs — but they can make us better benefits pros. Here’s how predictive analytics is driving our industry forward.

Choosing a health care plan is all about finding a balance between cost and coverage. But these days, that task is a lot easier said than done. With so many options to choose from and confusing jargon at every turn, figuring out how to spend less while securing the right level of care can feel like an endless maze.

Employers have increasingly been looking for ways to alleviate that burden, and help their workforce answer the question: How do I get the right coverage for the right cost? But unfortunately, it’s a problem that no human can possibly answer accurately.

After all, how could any one benefits pro anticipate each and every health need a given employee will have, understand their financial situation, account for family members who need care, and make spot-on, personalized recommendations? You’d be up all night, every night — and that’s just not sustainable.

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