Jellyvision Joins Technori to Talk About The Future of Work

Growing company culture is an essential mission for any business. 2020’s rapid change to work-from-home due to COVID-19 has presented itself with so many extra challenges, even companies with great work culture reputations find themselves in a tough spot to keep the team together.

Chicago-based Jellyvision is one of those businesses known for great office culture (and flexible WFH policies) that also has been no stranger to the struggles of our new reality. Their key: keep checking in with your team to find out what’s working, and iterate again and again until the communication is sound and new problems with working conditions are well-understood.

Jellyvsion Chief of Staff Brynn Michelich joins Scott Kitun on the Technori podcast to talk about what Jellyvision has had to change, how to maintain and improve team culture and keeping the team productive.

Catch the full podcast episode on Technori.

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