2020 was a turbulent year. From a global pandemic to social and economic unrest, countless factors drove employers to rethink how they manage their workforces. And open enrollment was no different.

Last year taught us just how much was broken about open enrollment. Benefits understanding and usage have been dismally low for too long. Employees haven’t been getting enough physical, mental and financial health support. Ever-rising healthcare costs are putting too much pressure on employers and employees alike. In response, HR teams are taking what they learned last year and paving a new way forward, leveraging open enrollment as an opportunity for better benefits engagement—now, and year-round.

Join benefits expert Kim Balmos to hear:

  • What we learned during last year’s open enrollment that we’ll carry into 2021
  • How the changes we made last year actually work better than what we were doing before
  • Stories from real-life HR teams about how they survived 2020 and made it out stronger on the other side

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Meet the speakers

Kim Balmos

Channel Marketing Manager

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