Traditional approaches to benefits fail to get your people what they need, when they need it. ALEX aims to meet your diverse workforce wherever they are—whether it’s at open enrollment, when they’re trying to access telemedicine, managing their diabetes, onboarding and more. 

ALEX is a trusted adviser and confidential resource for employees to share sensitive information and get helpful guidance. Balancing healthcare costs with providing employees much-needed (and expected) support is solved when ALEX matches employees with the benefits that will optimize their health and well-being. By driving genuine engagement, ALEX makes a connection between the employee and their best benefits, whether the employee is actively seeking our help or we’re intervening as they’re making healthcare decisions. Our unique and time-tested approach to design and communication makes it simple for any employee to understand the financial implications of the benefits made available to them.

Join us to learn: 

  • Just how costly uninformed benefits decisions can be, and the impact they have on your business and your employees.
  • Why basic benefits education once a year won’t cut it anymore, and how ALEX can help you increase employee engagement. 
  • New features coming to ALEX to help you bolster your engagement strategy and drive smart choices at just the right times. 
  • 3 ways ALEX helps you increase benefits engagement now — and after OE’s over

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