2020 was full of “firsts” for HR teams. In many ways, it was a scramble: to take in new information, adopt virtual strategies, and hope for the best. But as we look back on an especially challenging year, HR teams are realizing that there was a silver lining to all the chaos: employers were forced to do things differently, devise better solutions to broken processes, and find innovative ways to support employees during times of need.

In this webinar, benefits experts Andy Edeburn and Anna Phalen share stories from hundreds of conversations with HR leaders, unveiling how real HR teams are emerging from the pandemic with new approaches and changing priorities.

Watch to learn: 

  • Where HR teams are focusing their efforts in 2021, based on 200+ interviews
  • Details on the new tactics HR teams are using to support employees
  • The biggest healthcare and benefits challenges employers are still facing

Meet your speakers

Andy Edeburn
Director of Customer Insights and Experience, Jellyvision

Anna Phalen
SVP of Sales & Account Management, Jellyvision