Things your employees know off the top of their heads: their computer login. The name of their favorite child. All the lyrics to “Jesse’s Girl,” for some reason. 

Things they don’t know: how that high deductible health plan (HDHP) they signed up for during open enrollment actually works. How much money to save in their health savings accounts (HSAs). Or how and when to use their HSAs.

Fortunately, there’s plenty your benefits team can do at the beginning of the plan year to help employees understand and use their new plans (and those tricky HSAs) like a pro. The secret is great communication.

In this webcast, Nate Parkes, benefits communication expert at Jellyvision, explains (in a fun, totally-not-boring way):

  • What employees find most confusing about HDHPs, and how and when to clear things up
  • Nine communication tips you can put into place to help employees master their plans
  • HSA-boosting insights to help your employees make the most of tax-advantaged accounts
  • Strategies for helping your employees save time and money all year long
Find out how ALEX HSA can help you drive down healthcare costs this year.
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