As medical costs continue to rise with no end in sight, employers have increased their focus on healthcare consumerism: with the goal of empowering employees to make more informed choices about their healthcare spending and saving.

And while it’s a good idea in theory, healthcare consumerism has fallen short in many ways. The US continues to waste billions of dollars per year on healthcare, employees are still confused about their benefits options, and they’re missing out on opportunities to get the right amount of care at the right price.

Watch to learn: 

  • How healthcare consumerism has become an industry buzzword over the last decade 
  • Why healthcare consumerism hasn’t succeeded, and how we can still accomplish its original goals by shifting course 
  • A secret weapon to help you and your employees rein in unsustainable healthcare spending 

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Meet the speakers

Maggie Margulies

Senior Solutions Consultant, Jellyvision

Taylor Clausen

VP of Strategic Alliances, Jellyvision

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