Let's Make a Concise Benefits Presentation PowerPoint SlideDuring some of my recent travels to Benefits Communication Land, I came across a PowerPoint slide that was being used as part of a new hire benefits orientation webinar.

This slide was a little on the long slide–it has about 46 words or 270 characters–and its images didn’t exactly match the content being talked about.

Now I’ve attended enough webinars to know that a slide like this can take an audience to I-wonder-what’s-happening-on-my-smartphone-right-now Town, so I thought I’d take a few moments to show I might present the same information.

As much as I might joke about being angry at PowerPoint, the software is an amazing tool. It’s great for combining words and imagery to drive home important communication–communication that’s supposed to be paired with what, you, the presenter, has to say. Whether you’re creating a PowerPoint slide for a webinar or a good, old-fashioned live presentation, don’t forget about the very important role you’re supposed to play as the person standing (or virtually standing) before the audience.

Putting everything you have to say on the slide and then reading it to your audience is the worst. It makes for a very wordy and boring presentation. It’s much better to use your deck–or, in this case, your PowerPoint slide–to drive home the most important concepts while you can fill in the gaps with details.

Fortunately, editing a PowerPoint slide to be more concise doesn’t take too much work. Come check out today’s video to see how it’s done.

What do your PowerPoint slides tend to look like? Are you totally killing it in every way, or tending to use more words than necessary? Share your experience the comments section below.

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