Rudra Banerji

Is excited to be no longer working freelance. Is excited that he has an answer to the question, “Why don’t you move to Los Angeles?” Is excited that he can put his degree in Film Production to work instead of just saying, “I actually went to college.”

Rudra comes to Jellyvision after breaking into the bottom of the feature film industry. Before that, he studied film at Columbia College Chicago, physics at the University of Illinois, roping in Wyoming and juggling in a circus. Drawn by a mysterious force, he finds himself doing what makes him happy the most: staring at a computer screen in silence, occasionally interrupted by mirthful laughter from colleagues.

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

Since a number of people have already mentioned the goodies in our fridge, I’ll go with saying the people are pretty darn fabulous. After working in the film industry for the last few years, Jellyvision is a breath of fresh air. Air fragrant and heady with acceptance and creativity. Everybody helps out. When things get tough, everybody pitches in. People are friendly and you never have to sit by yourself at lunch. But if you want to, that’s cool too. Also, it’s not explicitly written anywhere that I’ve found, but we seem to follow a “Don’t be evil” policy here. Common sense reigns, unless it regards baked goods. In that case, common sense be damned.

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