Your onboarding strategy ranking:


Your benefits engagement strategy is officially an upperclassman!

You’re on the right track in terms of creating a structured onboarding program that sets employees up for success—whether that’s by using software to automate the process or taking a diversified approach to your benefits communication. 

But there’s always room for improvement! If you want to create a truly personalized benefits experience for employees during the onboarding process, we’d love to help. 

Give your employees 1:1 benefits guidance.


ALEX, Jellyvision’s benefits engagement platform, provides personalized guidance and data-driven recommendations to help your employees choose the right benefits during onboarding. 

Why does this matter? Well, our data shows that employees want to learn more about their benefits during the onboarding process—but many companies fail to provide the level of guidance that they crave. 

When your workforce doesn’t understand how to engage with and utilize the benefits you offer, they’re more likely to leave—which is the last thing you want during the Great Resignation. 

But with a benefits engaged workforce, you can finally realize the full value of your investment in benefits and keep top talent at your organization. Learn more.

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