Employees save more when they talk to ALEX

ALEX explains high-deductible plans to your employees. The results: increased HDHP plan migration and HSA contributions, and lower payroll taxes for you.
  • Before enrollment: ALEX announces important deadlines and outlines benefits changes for the upcoming year.
  • During enrollment: ALEX explains HSA basics and does the math for employees so they know how much to contribute.
  • After enrollment: ALEX helps employees get the most out of their plans throughout the year.
  • Last year, employees who talked to ALEX put an average of $2,620 into their HSAs. The national average is $1,921. (We compared the average stated contributions of ALEX users to the 2017 national average from the Devenir Research 2017 Year-End HSA Market Statistics & Trends report.)
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Glenmede Trust
  • 78.4 % of employees enrolled in the HSA plan (3.8% went with the copay plan, 18% waived coverage)
  • Only 12 employees (out of 329) decided to enroll in the traditional co-pay plan.
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ICF International
  • 50% enrollment in the HDHP with HSA in its very first year
  • Exceeded first-year enrollment goals by 150%
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  • 98% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance module to be helpful.
  • ALEX reduced Adobe’s ACA tax liability by $4.7 million (in real American dollars)
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