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Employees save more when they talk to ALEX

ALEX increases HDHP migration and HSA contributions, which lower your payroll taxes. Employees who talked to ALEX last year put an average of $2,939 into their HSAs ($1,153 more than the national average).

  • Before enrollment, ALEX previews benefit changes and important deadlines.
  • During enrollment, ALEX explains high-deductible plans and helps employees calculate how much to contribute to their HSAs.
  • After enrollment, ALEX helps employees get the most out of their plans, all year long.
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Used ALEX for the first time last year and it steered me toward the HD plan. That worked out great and saved me money. Thanks, ALEX!
Glenmede Trust
  • 78.4 % of employees enrolled in the HSA plan (3.8% went with the copay plan, 18% waived coverage)
  • Only 12 employees (out of 329) decided to enroll in the traditional co-pay plan.
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ICF International
  • 50% enrollment in the HDHP with HSA in its very first year
  • Exceeded first-year enrollment goals by 150%
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  • 98% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance module to be helpful.
  • ALEX reduced Adobe’s ACA tax liability by $4.7 million (in real American dollars)
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ALEX handles FAQs so you can handle HR

Even after enrollment ends, employees keep asking questions. ALEX saves you time by answering those questions all year long.

  • ALEX is always available to cover frequently asked questions and show employees how to get the most out of their benefits.
  • ALEX’s personalized recommendations can reduce (or even eliminate) the need for benefits seminars.
  • ALEX can help employees fix their finances, or walk them through a leave of absence.
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Since there is no longer a need to repeat the same benefit information multiple times to various new hires, we now have an opportunity to focus on other daily tasks and projects. T. Love Benefits Specialist, Loyola University Chicago
  • 77% of employees surveyed say they better understand their benefits
  • There was new migration activity into an existing HDHP
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  • 12 Open Enrollment informational meetings eliminated
  • 739 unique ALEX visits for 700 employees
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  • Employees’ benefits-related questions dropped by over 50%
  • Benefits team gained back 120-140 hours a year spent planning and organizing fortnightly new hire orientation meetings.
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If your employees can find the Internet, ALEX can help them

ALEX delivers consistent benefits messaging to employees, regardless of where they are.

  • ALEX can be accessed from any device at any time.
  • ALEX answers the most common questions about benefits, so you don’t have to.
  • ALEX offers custom messaging for specific employee groups.
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I think ALEX beats going to a meeting that doesn’t fit your schedule, it can be done at your desk at your own convenience. Awesome.
American Eagle Outfitters
  • ALEX helps AEO get the same benefits message to all of their employees across the country.
  • 99% of surveyed AEO visitors found the medical insurance module to be “Extremely,” “Very,” or “Somewhat” helpful, and open-ended comments from employees included rave reviews.
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Extra Space Storage
  • 85% of surveyed employees say they have a better understanding of their benefits
  • HDHP enrollments more than doubled from the previous year.
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  • Ferguson could consistently communicate the benefits of their new CHDP plan to 23,000 employees across 1,400 locations
  • Ferguson employees could see if the new plan would save them money—which it did (77% of the time across over 17,000 visits)
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Go ahead, cancel those benefits seminars

ALEX is a one-on-one conversation that helps employees choose and use their benefits.

  • ALEX uses simple explanations, playful animations, and behavioral science to engage employees.
  • ALEX’s personalized recommendations help employees make smarter benefits decisions.
  • ALEX provides printable benefit summary pages that employees can refer back to.
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Coming from someone who knows NOTHING about benefits this has cleared up a lot of questions. I don't feel as lost as I did before using ALEX
  • 90% of Medtronic employees used ALEX and received a personalized benefits recommendation
  • 97% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical module to be helpful
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  • 98% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance module to be helpful.
  • 30% increase in FSA participation
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baylor college of medicine
  • Baylor College of Medicine eliminated the need for time-consuming live orientation meetings, allowing for more flexible hiring practices
  • New hires can now complete their benefits orientation at their convenience—and many do so before their start date
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ALEX helps employees understand retirement

ALEX demystifies retirement planning. Employees that talked to ALEX chose an average contribution of 10.8% (compared to the national average of 6.2%).

  • ALEX uses personalized calculations to help employees save for retirement.
  • ALEX promotes your employer match and increases participation.
  • ALEX explains the features of your retirement plan and offers money-saving tips.
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ALEX has been so helpful to me in understanding how to handle the real aspects of being an adult. Like managing my money for my retirement.

ALEX can make LOA (relatively) simple

ALEX simplifies the Leave of Absence process and answers the most common questions.

  • ALEX gives clear, practical advice based on your policies (and state or federal laws).
  • ALEX is available 24/7 to ensure each employee gets the right information for their situation—before and during their leave.
  • ALEX makes LOA less stressful and less time-consuming, for you AND your employees.
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This was SO wonderful! I appreciate having tools like this when it comes to leave, Open Enrollment and the like
  • Already an ALEX Benefits Counselor customer, Stantec wanted to make sure they were providing thoughtful, personalized leave of absence support even as the company grew dramatically by acquisition
  • Curating and sending different sets of information to employees taking different kinds of leaves, and constantly having to update this information to reflect the latest state leave law information was extremely time-consuming
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ALEX uses Personalization to Drive Better Decisions

ALEX helps employees pick the benefits that make sense for them, which saves everyone money.

  • ALEX makes personalized recommendations based on each employee’s healthcare needs and personal preferences.
  • ALEX increases employees’ understanding of their benefits, so they make better use of their plans and stay healthier.
  • ALEX reduces the time you spend answering benefits questions.
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This was the most helpful tool I ever used I must have told my husband several times I love Alex or this is awesome.
Star Group

  • 80% enrollment in the new HDHP with HRA
  • 30% overall costs savings for Star Group employees
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  • 100% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical plan explanations to be helpful
  • 96% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s whole medical insurance module to be helpful
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prince william county schools

  • The volume and length of benefits-related phone calls the PWCS benefits team received dramatically decreased
  • The team’s summer hiring and benefits orientation period was far less time-consuming and exhausting
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