Nonprofit organization revitalizes predominantly deskless workforce with ALEX Connect

of employees installed and logged into the app for record breaking engagement during open enrollment
of users were active within the first month showcasing fast adoption of ALEX Connect

The Problem

A community-based nonprofit organization wanted to connect its primarily deskless employee population to its broad and diverse benefit options. But the HR team found that traditional methods to engage employees with their benefits weren’t working—especially with a lean HR team. As open enrollment approached, the team knew they needed a way to make it easy for employees to understand and access their benefits during open enrollment, and develop a strategy for ongoing engagement throughout the year.

The Plan

The HR team had to find a way to reach their primarily deskless workforce that worked across various campuses. The HR team looked to their partnership with Jellyvision and deployed ALEX Connect during open enrollment. ALEX Connect is a mobile application designed to help organizations promote year-round engagement of their benefits by putting benefits at employees’ fingertips.

They used ALEX Connect’s push notifications, texts, and emails, so their remote employees could connect to their benefits right from their phones. This includes housing resources and easy links to their health insurance carrier, FSA, and 401k for employees and their families to access information when they need it most.

The Outcome

With a successful and seamless implementation, the HR team deployed ALEX Connect to their entire workforce. Employees and their families took advantage of this new app, with over 75% of employees downloading and using ALEX Connect in the first month.

Through the push notifications in ALEX Connect, the organization reached their employees where they were and communicated company and open enrollment announcements efficiently. By doing this, the team ensured employees didn’t miss any benefits information. The HR team sent notifications through the app and email to maximize visibility and saw an average 30% view rate among their employees. Additionally, 60% of employees who viewed a push notification took action on the message they received.

Employees took advantage of the ease of use of ALEX Connect to view plan information, paystubs, benefits navigator, FSA, and Benefits Counselor. Since launch, employees have been very active within ALEX Connect, viewing various benefit resources over 300 times to help enhance their knowledge and take action on their benefits.

As employees continue to use ALEX, the HR team receives more information about their employees’ preferences, needs, and communication styles with ALEX Connect analytics.

Looking ahead, the nonprofits’ HR team is focused on providing year-round engagement through ALEX to increase benefit utilization and education.


Nonprofit Charitable Organization


200 employees

Plan Types


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