Behold the Power of Interactive Conversation

A few decades ago, we invented a new kind of software that lets you—nice person on the other side of this screen—interact in real-time with a virtual host or advisor who talks directly to you and helps you understand complicated stuff and make smarter decisions.

Meet ALEX®, Jellyvision‚Äôs Virtual Benefits Counselor

Using this uniquely engaging and helpful approach, our ALEX employee communication platform helps millions of employees at more than 800 companies nationwide make more informed choices about their health insurance, their finances, and their future.

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Making the Most
of Your Plan

ALEX Making the Most
of Your Plan

Give your employees practical advice on how to use their health insurance plans.

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Your 401(k)

ALEX Your 401(k)

Get your employees to participate in your 401(k) or to increase their contributions.

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Leave of Absence

ALEX Leave of Absence

Guide your employees through the process of submitting short term disability claims with practical advice and personalized information.

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Financial Wellness

ALEX Financial Wellness

Promote your financial wellness offerings, help employees improve their sense of wellbeing, and encourage behavioral change.

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Learn why hundreds of companies, including 88 in the Fortune 500, trust ALEX to transform confusing jargon and legalese into useful information and helpful advice for more than 14 million grateful end-user employees.