5 Simple Tricks for Your Last-Minute Open Enrollment Communications

Justyn Harkin Open Enrollment Communication Tips

Even if your open enrollment is just a few days away, there’s plenty you can do right now to make sure your last-minute communications are as clear, engaging, and helpful as possible. Here are five simple tips:

#1. Write the Way You Talk

The way you talk to your employees face-to-face is friendly and conversational, even when you’re talking about health insurance and benefits portals. But when it comes to writing, we tend to get too complex. Read your writing out loud to help flush out jargon.

#2. Talk to ‘You’

You may be sending mass email blasts, but your employees don’t huddle around a computer and read them as a group–that would be weird. Each person is much more likely to absorb what you have to say if you speak to her as an individual. Use ‘you’ in your emails for a more personal feel.

#3. Don’t Be Boring

Keep it short. Keep it fun.

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#4. Think Outside the Email

Make fliers in PowerPoint and post them wherever your employees hang out. Tap your managers to deliver messages directly to their teams during meetings. Ask your CEO to make a special announcement. Have you tried Charades?

#5. Be Cool

No matter how clear and engaging your deadline reminders or login instructions are, some employees are still going to come to you for assurance that they’re ‘doing it right’. When that happens, take a deep breath, channel your inner Fonzie and give those two thumbs up–one for your employee, one for you.

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