20th Annual ITA CityLIGHTS Awards

It’s time for the 20th Annual ITA CityLIGHTS Awards for Chicago tech. They are the premier annual technology awards for the Chicago Tech Community, and Jellyvision holds two finalist spots!

The first is Jellyvision for the newly introduced Toast of Chicago Tech award, which is presented to an individual or company who made an impact in the Chicago tech community after winning an award at CityLIGHTS. These winners successfully lead companies, develop innovative services and products, and champion for peers and the community as a whole. Jellyvision has several CityLIGHTS Credits to their name, including Lighthouse (2015), CityLIGHTS Industry Champion (2016) and CEO of the Year (Amanda Lannert, 2018). With a unique combination of hard work, smart and talented employees and a dash of humor, Jellyvision continues to take the Chicago scene by storm.

The second is Marina Malaguti, Jellyvision’s Director of Data Engineering, for the Prominent Woman in Tech award. This is given to a preeminent woman or female-identifying individual in the local industry who has championed technical innovation to drive the growth and success of her organization. Marina sets the perfect example of tech excellence and a passion to inspire others in joining her. Not only does she lead one of the most recognized and successful Chicago tech teams, but she also is leading the charge to improve diversity, representation, and a stronger candidate pipeline of female tech leaders.

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