Jellyvision employees playing foosball at the foosball tournament


Melanie Chapman News & Press

For centuries, mankind has settled its conflicts with games of foosball. Disagreements over who has to pay the tab? Decided by foosball. Arguments over sitting shotgun? Foosball. The Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War? Sealed with a sporting game of foosball. (All the foos men had wigs, which was the custom at the time.)

Last week, Jellyvision joined the proud tradition of foosball conflict resolution with the most meta of foosball battles: a foosball tournament to decide who gets the foosball table.

jellyvision and jackbox games employees playing foosball

We’re doing some office space reorganizing, you see, and Jellyvision and Jackbox Games will no longer be able to share a foosball table. So we foosed for it.

foosball tournament scoreboard bracket

Spirits were high, and the competition was tough. Teams faced off until the ultimate championship showdown: Jellyvision vs. Jackbox for possession of the table.

jellyvision and jackbox games employees playing foosball

employee with a flag that says, 'I like both companies equally'

homemade flags with encouraging slogans

Alas, Jackbox came up with the win.

jackbox games foosball champions with flags and trophies

gold-painted foosball trophies

But we Jellyvisioners behaved ourselves just like our revolutionary predecessors: by briefly gnashing our wooden teeth, and then respectfully saluting a job well done.

Congratulations, Jackbox! Rematch in 2015?