Originally from the D.C. area, Tram calls soda, “soda” and still puts ketchup on her hotdogs. Throughout the course of her eclectic career, she’s been an illustrator, a costume designer, a women’s wear designer, and an author. In her downtime, Tram likes to read (literary fiction, trashy mysteries, and celebrity gossip blogs), do crossword puzzles, yell at the TV during basketball games, and perfect her pie recipe. Other interests: high fives, tropical drinks, naps. Tram is still waiting for her growth spurt, but as soon as she reaches her full adult height of 6’7”, she expects to be drafted by the NBA. In the meantime, Tram is happy to be a Jellyvision employee.

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

It’s such a positive, fun, and supportive environment. Coming to work never feels like work, it feels more like hanging out with friends (who share an inordinate amount of interest in employee benefits). Also, sparkling water on demand.