Tim grew up in the Chicago suburbs where everything tends to look the same from block to block.  When it came time to move on to bigger and better things in college, he attended The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where…all the cornfields look the same.  After escaping the visual monotony, he worked as a Special Education Teacher for 5 years, teaching students to shop, cook, clean and manage their lives.

As rewarding as that was, the time came to move to a different role, and he got his Master of Computer Science from Georgia Tech (without ever entering the state of Georgia).  Since that time, he has worked as a Data Analyst; slicing and dicing, aggregating, and joining data together until it doesn’t look like alphabet soup.

Why I like working at Jellyvision

I enjoy having the opportunity to work on a small team which allows me to have a sense of autonomy, while still benefitting from the support of my experienced colleagues.  And the Bevi machine, that is great.