Kurt Hirsch (he/his) is Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel of Jellyvision. He joined Jellyvision in the twentieth century (no joke) and has held about ten different titles over the years (no joke). 

What are you most proud of?

1. Everyone thinks their child is the best, but Kurt’s really is. Julian (he/his) is whip smart, an exceptional writer, funnier than his parents, has a great appreciation for The Beatles and Bob Dylan, and, most importantly, is unusually kind.

2. Kurt was lead counsel in Hargraves v. Capital City Mortgage Corporation, the first federal case to recognize a cause of action for Reverse Redlining under the Fair Housing Act. What is Reverse Redlining? Thanks for asking. Redlining, as you know, is discrimination by banks in refusing to make home loans in predominantly African American neighborhoods. Reverse Redlining is a more modern phenomenon, where some banks would target African American neighborhoods for predatory loans. Reverse Redlining is as evil and pernicious as Redlining.  Indeed, in a way, it is even more so – in that Redlining merely prevents families from participating in wealth creation, whereas Reverse Redlining goes further to steal money from their pockets.

3. Six people were on the original Leadership team at Jellyvision, and Kurt was one of those. In his time with the company, Jellyvision has grown from a handful of people and $0 revenue to over 300 employees and tens of millions of dollars in annually recurring revenue. Millions of employees across the US now have access to Jellyvision’s ALEX software, and are genuinely helped by Jellyvision in making some of their biggest and most important financial decisions.