Is general counsel and business director at Jellyvision. Many of his, um, “idiosyncrasies” can be explained by three simple facts: (1) Both his parents are shrinks. (2) His dead dog was gay. (3) He firmly believes Bob Dylan is one of the best singers of the 20th century. You heard him correctly – not just the best songwriter of the 20th century, but one of the best singers as well. You wanna fight about it?

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

Objection. The question assumes facts not in evidence. Who said I like working at Jellyvision?

OK, you got me – I actually do like working at Jellyvision. Why? I don’t have a deep answer to this – just an honest one. In my experience, every job boils down to three factors. Jellyvision rates very highly on two of the three factors, and the third is essentially a push. Specifically:

1. The people: smart or stupid? – It may not be politically correct to admit, but working with stupid people is no fun. I’ve done it; I know. This sounds silly, but we don’t have stupid people at Jellyvision. (Well, there might be one, but I’m not gonna tell you who its is.) Working with smart folks makes my day much more fun. It don’t hurt any that most of ’em have great senses of humor too, and are just darn nice people.

2. The work: engaging or boring? – What I do one week is generally different from what I do the next, and, by the end of each year, I have generally done very different things and learned lots of new skills or areas. Maybe I just have a short attention span, but I love continually doing new things, and that keeps me engaged and enthusiastic.

3. The end product: good or evil? – We’re not feeding starving children or bringing peace to the Middle East, but we’re not polluting the environment or violating people’s constitutional rights, either. I’m not going to say the work we are doing today makes the world a better place, but everything that we do is done with a high degree of ethics, ensuring that if we’re not making the world better today, we are at least not making it any worse. I appreciate working with folks who, at the least, care about such questions.