Caitlin’s favorite things are sparking water, flannel shirts, scary movies, and obscure internet memes. While she loves summer music festivals, there is nothing Caitlin loves more than a long winter in her favorite place on earth: Madison, Wisconsin. During her four years as a Badger, Caitlin worked as a bartender and studied psychology. After college, she joined the BDR team at Jellyvision. Since then, Caitlin has moved up in the ranks. She is now a BDR Team Lead. Caitlin is happy that so many of her co-workers enjoy discussing the latest episodes of “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” with her.

Why I like working at Jellyvision

She wouldn’t want to work anywhere else…unless coloring an adult coloring book while drinking craft beer was a job. If that was an option, she would rather do that.  Plus:  THE PEOPLE! There’s absolutely nothing better than being a part of an incredibly smart, hilarious, and helpful team.