Born and raised in the Chicago area, Anna grew up learning never to discriminate between deep dish, stuffed, or thin pizzas. They all have cheese and that makes her happy.

Traveling to the faraway land of Wisconsin, Anna spent her college days at the University of Wisconsin studying anthropology, French, and cheese curds. After a short stint living in the south of France, Anna moved back to Chicago to work in the non-profit world, learning the tricks of the trade behind project and client management, fundraising, and spinning straw into gold.

Eventually the tech world called. Once Anna was introduced to Jellyvision, she was quickly oohed and awed by ALEX and was thrilled to join the team.

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

The people! Everyone is friendly, motivated, talented, and funny. And everyone here loves food (and cheese) as much as I do, and shares it willingly.