Jellyvision  Diversity & Inclusion Mission

Our purpose at Jellyvision is “Be Helpful”—to people who use our software,
to customers who buy it, to our colleagues here at work, and to our communities at large.

We’ve got the best chance to succeed as a truly helpful business, and to be the humans
we aspire to be, when Jellyvision’s roster includes people of diverse races, backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, and abilities. We also need every one of our employees to feel they belong here and that their voice is not just allowed, but respected
and sought after.

Here’s a taste of how we promote and maintain diversity and inclusion at Jellyvision:

  • We analyze our staff and applicant pool demographics quarterly to see where our recruiting process needs adjusting.
  • We provide benefits that equitably cover the diversity of the people who work here.
  • We support the formation of employee resource groups to encourage one another to bring our whole selves to work.
  • And we require interview coaching, unconscious bias training, and ongoing education programs for our entire team—all the way up to our CEO.

Here are some of our diversity and inclusion-related benefits. Visit our benefits page for the full list of benefits we offer our employees.

  • Adoption benefits
  • Surrogacy benefits
  • Lifelong learner benefits
  • Gender transition benefits