ALEX: A Step Above the Rest

Why benefits pros choose Jellyvision over the competition

Grabbing the attention of your employees has never been harder. ALEX is your partner to guide employees through the benefits maze—leading to happier, healthier employees, and a benefits investment well spent.

18 million+

employees trust ALEX to make benefits and savings choices.


of employees say ALEX helped them make smarter benefits decisions.

By combining Jellyvision’s 10+ years of expertise with proven behavioral science principles, ALEX makes benefits engagement possible.

“I can’t be everywhere at once. With ALEX, we’re able to scale our benefits recommendations in a personalized way—without me having to sit down with every employee one-on-one.”

Markus McVay Senior Total Rewards Consultant, Bright Horizons

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Why the others just can’t compare

There’s only one ALEX.

ALEX is the only benefits engagement tool that uses behavioral science to anticipate common pitfalls and areas of confusion, driving employees towards smarter choices year-round. Plus, talking to ALEX feels like talking to a human (with many moments of fun along the way).

AI ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Is your provider actually deploying machine learning when they make benefits recommendations, or is it powered by outsourcing?

As the first and leading benefits engagement platform, we leverage a decade of data to better understand how (real-life!) employees behave. ALEX uses those insights to not only inform employees about their benefits, but drive understanding and interactions when we know they’re already engaged.

Build better connections with your employees. 

Employees are re-evaluating their relationships with their employers. They’re demanding change, and they want to feel connected to your company’s mission and values. 

Benefits make up a critical part of the employer value proposition, communicating how you support your workforce’s health and wellness. And a simple, cold, impersonal benefits calculator isn’t enough. You need a full benefits engagement platform like ALEX, to drive more personalized, meaningful connections with your employees.

1,500+ customers love ALEX

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ALEX is used by


of Fortune 500 companies

ALEX makes


medical plan recommendations per year

ALEX has influenced

$169 billion

in employer health insurance premiums since 2015.

ALEX reinvents how employees interact with their benefits.