Lucky You. It’s Free Device Usage Infographic Monday!

Mark Rader Industry Insights

Pop quiz, blog readers.

Are you reading this on your PC? Your tablet? Maybe your phone? And where exactly are you? And what time of day is it?

I’m not asking because I’m a nosy so-and-so. I’m asking because today, the ALEX team released a helpful new infographic that lays out the current research on when most people use their PCs, tablets, and phones – and what they tend to use them for the most.

Curious to know which device your employees are most likely to use to fill out a complicated form? Or which device they’re most likely to use in the morning and at night? Just a fan of infographics? Especially ones with jokes and Yeti references?

Then we invite you to take a look below. The infographic is yours to download and share. You know, from your phone, PC, or tablet.

How and when we use our devices